Mix 035 // You keep your distance with a system of touch.

A much gentler mix this time. Starts at a fast pace but slows progressively until the final reverb drains away.

  1. Ritual Howls — “Nervous Hands”, 2016.
    Ritual Howls drape their songs in baroque, tenebristic tones that paint uncomfortable soundscapes. Here, the mournful guitar suggests a night in the desert you’ll be lucky to escape.
  2. For Against — “Amen Yves”, 1990.
    Lonesome, alienated post-punk that lulls the listener into a somnambulistic state with its delicate guitar work and trance-inducing structure. An act of subversive musical beauty.
  3. The Murder Mystery — “Pavement Angels”, 2018.
    Luscious, string-laden post-punk that falls far to the left on the melodic and smooth side of the spectrum without losing its urgency.
  4. Heaven 17 — “Let Me Go (Extended Version)”, 1982.
    Best described with this comment from YouTube: “This is not a song this a vibrating masterpiece”.
  5. Psyche — “The Saint Became a Lush”, 1993.
    Psyche wove new wave, 4AD, industrial and new beat into some of the most insistent, skulking, claustrophobic noir disco of the entire decade.
  6. Philadelphia Five — “BongaWalk (Mix II)”, 1988.
    Critically underrated and criminally unknown new beat act Philadelphia Five released only a handful of tracks, but they all punch nicely on the darker side. This, a percussive workout, highlights their immaculate production skills.
  7. Nitzer Ebb — “Let Your Body Learn (Instrumental)”, 1987.
    The slowed down BPM of the instrumental lets this song occupy the space it deserves: off the stage and into the bedroom.
  8. Rotersand — “Hot Ashes”, 2020.
    Let’s get right to the point: fascists should have their heads stomped. Preferably during this track’s bassline breakdown.
  9. Coil — “Who’ll Tell”, 1992.
    Among their epics and opuses, Coil offered us a collection of tiny golden library of short, sly and secretive tracks. This is one of their best.
  10. Little Computer People — “Sea of Love”, 2001.
    Delicate early aughts electro that survives the musical wasteland of that decade through timeless pure good taste in production.
  11. Ghost Cop — “Enhance”, 2018.
    Modernizing the electro synthpop sound, Ghost Cop architect a dense maze of ultraviolet neon and digital dissolution that shimmers like petrol on wet pavement.
  12. Riki — “Spirit Of Love”, 2020.
    Riki invite us into her prismatic world of re-retro-rehash-remix of new-old-new-again sounds and it’s a place we don’t want to leave.
  13. Tears For Fears — “Head Over Heels”, 1985.
    The masters of iconic 80s songcraft.
  14. Topographies — “In Crept Doubt”, 2020.
    One of this generation’s rising stars, Topographies dwell in a shadowy corner between shoegaze and post-punk that refracts light and sound in all kinds of interesting ways.

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